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  1. you have demonstrated a person who trusts in the Lord and listens to the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your life walk testimony. Joni

  2. Dear Brother,
    It was a Blessing to meet you, Thank you. Your sharing with the Kids, i remember my kid time.
    In the Age of 8 i visited my grandfather, my parents did not go to church or read the Bible. My grandfather said: “You should daily read the Bible and pray!” I was amazed, my youth time from 14 year Age was not at home, but 1942-1955 alone. in 1955 I came to Christ, 1962 God send my to the Country where I suffer in Concentrationcamp,in Poland, bringing Literatur in S.U. and other Country, till today preaching in West and East Europe. I want to share with you, it is important to share with Kids, they never Forget. The Lord is with you. Greetings and love in Christ
    Frans E Mail

  3. You speak and model love, as Jesus did. I saw this at the Holy Spirit Conferences and have read it here as you encourage us to engage people. Would you please offer advice to me? My gay nephew announced on Facebook yesterday that he is getting “married.” He lives in D.C. – going to the event or not is not an issue. How to respond to him? To family here in MN?

    • After thinking some more, I know their sin is no different than my daughter and her boyfriend, who have lived together for three years. (They can’t use my guest bed when they visit…)

      However – if they got married, it would a time for rejoicing! That’s the difference and how to respond to that…..

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