…from I Corinthians 14.

  1. We are speaking to God (2). Call it prayer. We are making sounds we don’t understand, and Scripture says that our words are aimed directly toward heaven. I am blessed, offering a perfect prayer without my mind involved. Powerful. Prophecy is to people, tongues is to God. When we pray in tongues, we have an audience of One. He is listening and responding, though we usually don’t know what we are praying.
  2. What to some is foolish babbling is speaking mysteries, a strong New Testament word about revelations hidden for ages but now made known to the people of God. Glorious that He allows us to utter great mysteries.
  3. Paul says that they are mysteries “in the Spirit,” a wonderful place to be. One way to live in the Spirit is to speak often in tongues.
  4. The one who speaks in a tongue “builds himself up” (4). I don’t know anyone overdosing on encouragement; most I know could use some. Speaking in tongues can lift you out of discouragement, give you spiritual muscles, prepare you to enter into other gifts, and open you to further revelation. Astounding.
  5. Paul says, “I want you all to speak in tongues” (5). He had found great value in it and wanted many to experience it. We have yet to mine the depths of its riches. Keep exercising it, and God will show you more.
  6. Speaking in tongues is a language (Acts 2). Those filled with the Spirit at Pentecost were speaking and Jews from around the world who came for the festival days understood. Miraculous. After I taught at a seminar in Bergen, Norway, I spoke in tongues while the pastors met in small groups. A young man from Serbia came to the mic and said, “Paul is speaking my language and is telling us to be courageous,” which was the theme of my teaching. How long does it take to speak a new language? About three years–unless you are filled with the Spirit. Then it may happen instantly. Incredible!!
  7. Two different kinds of prayer: with the mind and with the spirit (15). We do not use our mind when speaking in tongues. That means that when we need our mind for other activities (driving, reading the Bible, making breakfast), we can still speak in tongues and not be distracted. What a versatile gift!
  8. The greatest apostle of all time said, “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than you all” (18). He found great blessing in it and wanted to encourage others to use it. He knew that some had shelved it, not knowing its value. It helps bring revelation of truth, release people from oppression, and do spiritual warfare, to name just a few benefits.
  9. Tongues can be a sign for unbelievers (22). It happened at Pentecost. The disciples were doing the impossible in speaking known languages, and it got the attention of thousands.
  10. I Corinthians 13 teaches that tongues without love is useless. We fly with two wings–the gifts and the fruit!

4 comments on “10 TRUTHS ABOUT TONGUES

  1. Laura A McClure says:

    Tounges (ask Kevin) is and has been dear and close to my heart.
    It is:
    The Intercessors (King Jesus) heart
    Dead on in covering what needs to be covered
    Expressed – perfect – requests we could never hope to touch
    Has nothing to do with us but everything to do with the One who created us
    Can be expressed anytime, anywhere, no -stop or sporadic
    Is rallied against and fought against by the enemy of our souls because it is a direct language from the Fathers heart
    Is the most precious and delightful gift imparted to our human frailty
    Results in “ hey there’s no way I could conjure this up”
    Wha??? We’re vehicles of His heart?
    Thank you for endorsing and expressing the value and worth of tounges. I hate the bad rap it gets!!!

  2. Thank you, Pastor Paul, for this blog post. I was raised believing in the work of the Spirit is still going on today. It is refreshing to hear how the Spirit fills not only Ässembly of God people, but Lutherans, Baptist, Methodist, Reformed etc. Whenever I get around another Spirit-filled believer, there is this connect we seem to have no matter our church back ground.

  3. Julie Waterman says:

    Love this post, Pastor Paul, and took some notes from it. I’ve continued praying in tongues since the Lord gave me that wonderful gift when you prayed for us at Lutheran Bible Institute in Anaheim back around 1983ish… I often do it as you described – during “mindless tasks” – riding my bike, walking through the halls at school where I teach and picking up trash in the mornings in my neighborhood. May the Lord work His warfare and will here in Japan!!!!!!

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