HE IS APPOINTING GOOD JUDGES, those with pro-life and pro-family values. He brought Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court, a great move for the future of America.

HE IS MAKING GREAT DECISIONS REGARDING TAXES. I have long regarded some forms of taxation, like the income tax, as unjust. Hey, he agrees. He is making progress on changing inequitable tax laws.

HE IS PROUD OF AMERICA. President Obama seemed more interested in globalism than Americanism. He did not encourage patriotism, nor did he go out of way to encourage the military. President Trump supports our troops and says so publicly.  He wants to take better care of our veterans. He speaks with optimism about America. Obama was cautious to the point of being critical. He would sometimes side with those who were ripping into America rather than supporting it. President Trump is not afraid to be patriotic, and that strikes a positive chord with people who love our land and pray for our leaders. Did I like His SOTU speech? Very much. I was proud of him for being himself, for being bold, tender, patriotic, and God-honoring.

HE IS BOLD, a positive quality. Sometimes “bold” turns into “brash,” as it can for President Trump, and then it is not a strength. He knew he would not be popular in the United Nations when he chose to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, supporting it as the capital of Israel. He did what was right, not what was popular. I affirm that courage. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had promised before their election to transfer the embassy but chose not to when in office.

HE IS A BUSINESSMAN. Abraham Lincoln said that we needed more non-professionals in government. Trump has made some great moves to clean up the bureaucracy. Do we need it? Ask a doctor how much time is spent filling out papers. Or a school teacher. Liberal politicians want more government control, and it has been squeezing the life out of America. They did it in California and ruined the state. Trump is attempting to deregulate the system. Good for him. The economy is booming. He is helping to set businesses free from government restrictions.

HE BELIEVES IN PRAYER. Members of Donald Trump’s cabinet are gathering weekly for Bible study and prayer. He sometimes closes messages by referring to God. Good for him and Malania.

Am I proud of everything he does? No, but I am far more proud of what he is doing than what the predecessor was doing or what Hillary Clinton would have been doing. I wish he was better at bringing the two sides together. He often polarizes rather than uniting. He is not an Abraham Lincoln, who knew how to wisely use those who disagreed with him. He is not a Ronald Reagan, who as a conservative won the respect from many liberals in Congress. I hope he can grow as a unifying statesman. He has some excellent people around him, like Vice President Pence. Partially because of his past and also because he is sometimes a loose cannon, he probably won’t become an icon, but I say, “So far, so good!”

10 comments on “GLAD I VOTED FOR TRUMP!

  1. JS BOEGL says:

    I agree. Encourage the good. Also vital to remember that championing a man who embodies the antithesis of the Sermon on the Mount comes with a great risk to the integrity of our witness to Christ. Our political praise can’t come at the expense of our prophetic voice. Blessings brother, Paul!

  2. Brent says:

    Pastor Paul – I am glad I did not vote for Trump. There is a part of the church, albeit a minority part, that holds a very different view of Trump.

    “Trump is pro family” – Trump’s personal life completely contradicts this statement

    “He is making great decisions regarding taxes” – 80% of his income tax cuts go to the rich (top 5%). Yes, yes I know, they pay 90% of taxes – but they don’t NEED a tax break. These numbers are not exact but you get my point. Trump is giving more to those who already have a lot. The poor NEED more help. There is a growing gap between rich and poor. Trumps policy makes this worse. How does Trump’s tax policy square with the Christian ethic of helping people who have less? I don’t believe Trumps’s politics on taxes reflect the values and ethics of Jesus and His followers (refer to the sermon on the mt)

    “He is not afraid of being proud of America” – since when are Christians supposed to be proud of country, nationalistic, or patriotic? We have one King and that is Jesus. We should be humble and confess our national sins. This country has a “proud” history of slavery and many other exploits. This country’s appetite for materialism is absolutely boundless. We should be humble and repent. My belief is that the evangelical church has sold its soul to nationalism and patriotism. Evangelicals have been bought and paid for by the Republican Party and it is sad. I believe this grieves the Holy Spirit. I believe this blindness among evangelical Christians is very sad and I pray the church will regain its sight.

    “Trump is bold” – no, he is a bully and he constantly proves it by his words and actions to destroy anyone and everyone who he believes is a threat. I could go on and on with his childish name calling and slandering. It is disgusting and I believe Christians should be appalled instead of coming to his defense.

    “He is a business man” – yes, for sure. And he would be America’s leading icon of selfish greed and pride. There is a reason he wants to put his name on everything (his jet, helicopter, buildings, etc). He loves money and he is an egomaniac and he has proven this over his entire adult life to this day.

    “He believes in prayer” – actually, he believes in political gain by using people who believe in prayer. Christians are getting played by Trump and it is sad. The notion that he believes in prayer is just silly. Have you ever heard him utter a prayer?

    What I’ve written here reflects only the tip of the iceberg of reasons why Christians should be praying for Trump to be broken and come to his senses instead of defending his awful conduct and leadership.

    • Yosh Nakamura says:

      BIG Amen. THANK YOU Brent. You said it all. We should be good citizens as Christians, but not patriotic/nationalistic to the country we are born into or living in. We are just passing through this life. We are sojourners. The kingdom of God is our only true country we should fully give our allegiance to. Yosh

    • Brent:
      This was the best conversation I have had in a long time, and many people disagreed with me strongly. That made it better. Thank you for your words. You may be right and I may be wrong, so I must receive them and take them seriously. For that I thank you. Would enjoy seeing you one of these days!!

  3. I’m glad I voted for President Trump. I wasn’t voting for a pastor, a saint, or a perfect gentleman in every regard. I voted against Hillary, the UN, the New World Order, and darkness and persecution in America. I voted for religious freedom, the lives of the unborn, draining the swamp, building the wall and blessing Israel. The President has now spiritually positioned himself squarely on the Lord’s side by declaring that Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol, and that our embassy will move there. Do I always agree with every policy from this administration? No. But I’m so thankful for what we have. At this point, if the conservative Never Trumpers are still Never Trumpers, they must be listening to the wrong voices.

  4. Mahtomedi – between White Bear Lake and Stillwater. Thanks for asking.

  5. gus doering says:

    Pastor Paul:
    I have belatedly read your letter of Feb. 9. I agree with every word of it and thank you so much for having the courage to write it. Your fact-based words are so much more meaningful than the subjective, generalized rebuttals. (“The rich pay 90% of taxes but the government should take a lot of their tax cut back and give it to me and others who only got an average of 10% tax cut because it’s not fair”.) A great example of covetousness so abundant in this country today.
    Prior to the election, I was disappointed when our pastor offered only: “You might want to read the platforms of the two parties”. I did not think this was helpful since I would guess that about 1% would read the 55+ pages of each platform. But I did read the first five or six pages of each and found them more revealing than I expected. I fail to see how anyone could defend the positions stated in Hillary’s platform, and I try to remember to thank God daily for President Trump.
    Thank you.

    • Gus,
      I, too, looked at the party platforms for the first time. I kept saying, “Amen” to the Republican platform and “boo” to the Democratic. It was eye-opening. Glad I took the time.

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