Use it with your Christmas family. I put together a Thanksgiving quiz. Great discussion. Trying now with Christmas. I’ll send answers if you want (

  1. How many miles did Joseph and Mary travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem a) 50  b) 80  c) 120.  Any idea what route they took? Did Mary ride on a donkey?
  2. What time of year did they travel?  a) Winter  b) Spring  c) summer  d) We don’t know.
  3. What significance do you see in shepherds visiting the newly arrived child? How were shepherds regarded in that day?
  4. Zechariah was a priest. Priests married in Judaism. Was Elizabeth also from a priestly family?
  5. How many angels are identified by name in the Bible?              
  6. Was the baby born to Mary God? Did he give up His Godhood to come to earth?
  7. What do you know about Augustus Caesar? Did Julius Caesar come after or before?  Is the word “caesar” a name or a title?
  8. What was Zechariah doing when the angel Gabriel showed up?
  9. Why do you think Zechariah asked for proof to substantiate the angel’s words?
  10. What did friends of Zechariah and Elizabeth assume at the birth of John and why?
  11. Why do you think Elizabeth went into seclusion for five months after her pregnancy began?
  12. How was the timing of Mary providential in seeing Elizabeth when she did?
  13. Which song has been sung the most down through the centuries–Happy Birthday, Silent Night, or Mary’s song? What is Mary’s song?
  14. How was the announcement to Mary similar to the announcement to Zechariah?
  15. What are swaddling cloths?
  16. What does a manger look like?
  17. Why did Joseph speak about divorcing Mary when they were not married yet?
  18. When was Jesus circumcised? Why then? Where? How far did they have to go from Bethlehem to get Jesus circumcised?
  19. So when did the three kings show up? Were they kings? Why did they give such strange gifts? Were there three?
  20. Who was excited at the birth of John? Who was excited at the birth of Jesus?
  21. What two people gave lengthy prophecies regarding the two births? What was the content of their prophecies? Whose prophecy was first? By how many months?
  22. When do you think Joseph found out about Mary carrying a child? Why?

2 comments on “CHRISTMAS QUIZ

  1. Deb Sargent says:

    Being a bible school student, I’m surprised I have fewer answers than I thought I would. I did know Jesus was about 2 when the kings visited the house they were living in. You didn’t ask, but I also knew Jesus was born in a cave and not a barn. I would say I got over 50% right. Looking forward to the answers.

  2. Julie Waterman says:

    Just finished the quiz…wondering where I missed the answers?

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