Because Satan is the father of lies, he has an idea of which ones I may tend to believe.  Some of them have enough truth to make a believer out of me.

“You should not be teaching Sunday School.  You’re not a good Christian.”

“You’re not beautiful.”  “You’re dumb.”  “You’re ugly.”

“God is angry with you for what you did as a child.”

“Most people have three times the talent you have.”

“God has abandoned you.”

“The only thing to do now is to run,” (and a thousand more lies).


.I get locked into a way of thinking and find it hard to break the mental cycle. (“I’ve  always been afraid of heights”…”of getting up in front of people”…”of praying aloud.”)

.I often learn the habit early in life.  

.I can trust God for many things, but I find it difficult to trust Him in this area.

.Demons sometimes attach themselves to strongholds.

.Wounds from the past often accompany strongholds.


.Resolutions. ”I should stop doing this.”  

.Extra effort, but often in an area where I don’t need deliverance.  

.Prayer, which often has little effect on a stronghold, but people may pray over their stronghold for a lifetime.  

.Religion.  I do something out of duty to earn points and convince God to bless me.  

.Criticism. I concentrate on the faults of others to deflect attention from myself.

.Self-punishment.  I get down on myself for being so stupid, for giving in to my addiction.

.Denial.  A stronghold brings so much shame that it sets me on a course of defensiveness, deception, denial, and darkness.

THE WAY TO FREEDOM    (done best with the help of a mature friend)

  1. I identify the stronghold. One way to identify a stronghold is to complete the sentence:  I’ll be okay if I ___________ (run and hide…pity myself  for my predicament…lash out in anger…
  2.  I confess my attachment to the stronghold.  I confess that I have run to this stronghold instead of to God. It has become my God-substitute, my choice, and it has ruined my life.
  3. 3.  I renounce the lies.  A baptismal liturgy reads, “I renounce the devil and all his works and all his ways.”  I declare boldly, “I renounce my dependency upon the stronghold of __________ in my life.”  The battlefield is the mind, the place where the enemy has taken me captive with lies.
  4.  I forgive others.  Because wounding often accompanies strongholds, I forgive those who have rejected, hurt, abused, or manipulated me.
  5.  I affirm the truth.  I cannot break free on my own.  I need the Strong Man to bring me into freedom. I place my trust in the love of the Father and the blood of Jesus.
  6.  I receive deliverance.   Christians can be oppressed by demons, especially when they habitually open themselves to attack by embracing lies, putting them in enemy territory.  
  7.  I am filled with the Holy Spirit.  I ask to be filled. I learn a new way of living. I discover that the Christian life is not about trying harder but trusting more. I rely on the power of the indwelling Spirit to obey God.  ( to receive full message).

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