More and more leaders are saying that revival is imminent. I agree. Revival is God’s business. We don’t serve it up; we respond to a God who causes the wind to blow. Yet we take part in the dance. God engineers revival–we steward it. And we pray it in with passion. Here’s an outlook I recommend we consider:


We will respect the past, but we don’t live there. Knowing the history of revival tells us that it includes some important ingredients, like prayer, but the shape it takes depends upon how and where the wind blows. 2017 looks different from 1905, and even the Jesus revival of the 1970s. Computers had not come into their own a few decades ago. The internet could be used to great advantage in a viral culture. If a child is healed of Down syndrome and a million people witness it instead of a hundred, we will thank God for the internet!


What if…

  • As many people came to faith in Starbuck’s as at the altar? We have seen a transformation of the marketplace into a ministry center the last two decades. In the ‘70s, we were still stuck at church. If we don’t have options, we will lose those who would rather meet us on their turf than ours. Hey, that’s what the word “go” means.
  • What if no-names in every healthy church replaced the singular famous revival preacher? We have enough churches ripe for revival that will spring into action. Having no-names share in leading puts the right image before people—the face of Jesus.
  • What if the revival was embraced by many churches and revival turned into vival? Visitation becomes habitation, and God decides to stick around. Long-term impact beats short-term explosion.  
  • What if we were unable to pinpoint where it started? Then we would conclude it started in heaven. If it breaks out in many places simultaneously, we don’t have people flocking to a place but a church flocking to the people.
  • What if folks keep their hands off it, don’t try to own it but steward it as a move of God?.
  • What if local churches had their own spin on the revival, each of them responding according to their own needs?
  • What if revival meetings included training sessions to take it to them? More out there than in here.


Important ingredients:

  • 24-hour prayer. Thank you, Mike Bickle, for vision. We have houses of prayer in every major city and many in not-so-major. Down through history, prayer has been the single most important catalyst for revival.
  • Multi-generations. Malachi 4:5,6 waits to be fulfilled. An un-fathered generation stands under a curse. This revival will include a Father blessing from heaven and physical fathers renewed to put children above career or golf handicap. It will also feature spiritual fathers reaching out to a younger generation, discipling them, and help them to develop a rhythm that will serve them for the long haul. This will be powerful–and new! This means…
  • Five-fold ministry. The apostolic could come into its own. Mature oversight will help give the revival continuity. A team of leaders could also take preemptive action if parts of the revival headed for crazy town.
  • Wider participation, including Catholics and orthodox.


How do we pray?

Pray for selflessness. Pray for fire and for humility. God exalts the humble.

Pray for discernment. How will Satan come against us? Division. Sectarianism. We’re right.

Pray for unity between young radicals who have often led revivals and fathers who mentor.

Pray for multitudes to be swept into the kingdom.



  1. dreck07 says:

    Peter Marshall points out in his American history books (The Light and the Glory; Sounding Forth the Trumpet, From Sea to Shining Sea) that the Great Awakening prepared us for the French & American War and the American Revolution. The Second Great Awakening came just before the Civil War. And the 1905 worldwide revivals came before WWI. I’m not a historian, but this seems like more than coincidence.

    If we’re going to have WWIII or some other great calamity, I’d rather have a revival first, but let’s not be too glib about praying for it. On the other hand, if God sends revival, we all need to do everything we can to cooperate, spreading it as far and as fast as He enables. May we be ready to be God’s instruments!

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