PAUL: 5 married, all within 20 minutes. Fall family retreat with 23 of us, a blast–four-wheelers on North Shore.Three-month sabbatical ended Dec.1. Next one–2023. Knee replacement surgery went well. Traveling & speaking much in 2017. We believe revival is coming!

KAREN: love being Grandma, as many days filled with joy overflowing. Lead Japanese Women’s Bible study. Hosted Christmas party for 57 pre-Christian Japanese students. Will host Japanese-Am. marriage group in February.

NAOMI: Traveling or home helping Mom with grandkids. Enjoy friends. Like to read missionary books. Fun in San Pedro with my special friend Ian & CA family. Returning in June for cousin Kristina’s wedding. Grandpa & Grandma strong at 92.

ANDREW: 6 mo. ago Elliot Clarence added to family but multiplied the blessings–much laughter and crawling. Annika Zion (2 1/2) loves big sister role, including her dollies & animals. Britta remains the life of the family. Helps me navigate leading a new school (ActsCommunityTraining.org) while continuing to work for an airline.

GABRIEL: Avin 6 loves 1st grade, Mari 5 enjoys kindergarten. Renna likes being 2, staying home with Mom. Boden turned 1 in Oct., tolerates 3 sisters. Heather enjoys being home with kids, managing rental properties. Gabriel works at Blue Cross, helps Heather juggle life. Highlight: CA. family reunion last summer & Karis’s wedding,

ERIKKA: Welcomed #4 Athalia Jubilee April. Erikka is teaching childbirth classes & is a birth doula. Boys thriving in school. Loved CA (Disney). Nora a great big sister, turned 4, so feels I ought to turn over some authority. Shepp grandparents moved to Cities (Yay!) & Substance launched downtown MPLS campus which Drew pastors (& preaches more).

ISRAEL: with Johanna hiked Zion Natl. Park w/ Shepherd in tow. Israel starts Nursing School Jan. 2017, as he continues to work at the Fire Departmt/Health East. Johanna is happy to have brother Kosta join Anderson clan. Shepherd at 16 mo. is full of joy and energy!

KARIS: engaged in March to Kosta Alex, Mrs. on July 30, Nutritional Therapist practitioner in November. St. Paul dwelling. Kosta commutes to Mpls as account manager for Impark. When not working, can be found making a Greek salad, road tripping up North, or taking nature photos. Karis is probably whipping up new recipes, working out(side), or decorating her house.

‘Tis the season to be–thankful! God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. He gave His life so we could give ours. No better way to live than to give your life away. Blessed CHRISTmas!

One comment on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

  1. zekesbabble says:

    It is wonderful to hear that your family is doing well.

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