Kill a whale–$20,000 fine. Disturb the nest of a bald eagle–$5000. How about disturbing the nest of a pre-born human? Zero. Try to stop others and you may go to jail.

Four teens in Texas were kicked off the cheerleading squad for being pregnant. One had an abortion and was allowed back. The women’s movement was in an uproar because the pregnant ones weren’t allowed.

America needs a different perspective. That comes from the Word of God, the only book which teaches infallibly how God views life–in the womb, in the world. Doctor Luke starts his gospel with two chapters of birth stories. His outlook on pre-born life and infancy is in great need today.

Children are an asset, not a liability. Jesus started His human life the same way you did, by being implanted on the uterine wall of a woman, giving sanctity to the process from conception on.

Zechariah was praying for a child, though Elizabeth was “advanced in years” (Luke 1:7). News of a child set her heart dancing. Mary likewise praised the Lord who regarded her worthy to birth the Messiah. Both rejoiced at the news of their pregnancies, though it would mean suffering. Both children were killed in their early thirties. A survey indicated that 80% of American women said their pregnancy came at an inconvenient time. Pregnancies call for commitment. They are not a convenience.

Ask Rachel and Leah, who played musical babies for several years running (Gen. 29,30). Or Hanna, who conceived in response to fervent prayer after years of barrenness (I Sam. 1). Ask Zechariah, whose prayer was finally heard. Consult the budget, consult the preferences, and consult God. Not an argument against human considerations but a plea to let God be God.

Gabriel told both Zechariah and Mary not only the names of their babies but their careers as well. A baby in the womb has a God-appointed destiny–each one. New babies signal new beginnings. It is not just the child that has a new start. Karen and I agreed–babies change EVERYTHING.

John was filed with the Spirit while growing inside Elizabeth. He leaped for joy when he got near Jesus, slightly a centimeter long in the womb of Mary. John was in his sixth month when he responded to the presence of his unborn relative. One normally does not ascribe emotional and physical responses to tissue. The psalmist said, “You knit me together in mother’s womb” (139:13). Then by what right do medical prostitutes dissect what the Creator has shaped? Jesus said, “As you have done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it to me.” According to the Supreme Court, that child has no rights. A Higher Court has already overruled that verdict, and its decision stands! Women seeking abortions are not told that they are carrying children whose lives will be ended by a grotesque act of brutality. They are told that “the reproductive process will be terminated.” That is not fair to a woman, who may grieve for years.

God handpicked the parents for John and Jesus–and for us. God’s first command–”be fruitful and multiply.” The family is God’s idea. Right parenting means righteous living. The priestly couple qualified (Luke 1:6). So did the virgin Mary. But maybe you didn’t. Perhaps you chose an abortion. One girl said, “Postpartum blues are terrorizing. I wish I could reverse my action.” She can’t. But the God of hope who brings good out of evil comes not to condemn but to comfort. There is healing in the cross of that baby who came to die–for you! You have a destiny too!

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