Suggestion: print & use for your Thanksgiving time together. Happy Thanksgiving!

• Have I expressed thanks to my mother and father?
• Have I thanked any teachers who made a positive contribution to my life?
• Have I thanked coaches, pastors, siblings, people who serve me, like mail carriers?
• Do I give thanks in the midst of difficult circumstances?
• Do I resist temptations to complain because my situation is not better?
• Have I chosen to give thanks rather than hold onto a wound?
• Do I give thanks instead of expect others to wait on me?
• Am I content with what I have or do I deserve more?
• Do I have a distorted picture of God that keeps me from thanking Him?
(The elder brother was angry and could not receive from his father).
• Have I chosen as an act of the will to be thankful rather than waiting for proof?
• Do I need to receive more before I will have a heart of gratitude?
• Would people close to me say that I have an attitude of gratitude?
• Has gratitude turned to skepticism because things turned out differently than expected?
• Am I generous with my money? Generous people are thankful (2 Cor.9:10); ungrateful people are stingy.
• Am I a happy? Grateful people are (Ps. 92:5).
• Do I live in the peace of God? Gratitude keeps me there (Phil. 4:6,7).
• Do I recognize that God’s in charge? If so, I’ll be thankful (Ps. 97:1).
• Is life for me a matter of giving? “Thanks—giving” means both thanks and giving?
• Will I fit with the atmosphere of heaven, full of thank-you’s? (Rev. 7:12).
• Do I struggle with lust? Thanksgiving guards against sin that takes from others.
• Do I live close to Jesus who has a thankful heart? (Matt. 15:26, Jn 11:41,Lk 10:21f).
• Do I express gratitude every day? (David appointed the Levites to give thanks twice daily: I Chr. 16:4, I Chr. 23:30).
• Do I thank God in hard times, knowing He will bring good out of bad?
• Am I able to thank God when my security is threatened? (Dan. 6:10).
• Am I thankful for people God has connected me to? Paul gave thanks for people he wrote to.
• Have I thanked God for healing & health? (“Where are the nine?” Luke 17:17).
• Have I grown self-indulgent? (They are “lovers of themselves, lovers of money.. ungrateful, unholy…” 2 Tim. 3:2).
• Am I thankful for God’s truth? (“At midnight I rise to give you thanks for your righteous laws.” Ps. 119:62).
• Am I thankful for food ? (Acts 27:35; Ro. 14:6; I Tim. 4:3).
• Am I thankful that God is gracious? (I Cor. 1:4).
• Am I thankful for deliverance from death, even though I wasn’t aware that it was happening? (Angels attend to us and keep us from harm).
• Am I thankful for government leaders? (I Tim. 2:1,2).
• Am I aware that ingratitude can harden my heart? (Rom. 1:21).
• Am I humble? Thankful people are humble people.
• Am I modeling a thankful heart for my children and for others that I serve? (Col.3:15,17).
• Do my prayers often include thanksgiving? (Phil. 4:6; Col. 4:2; I Tim. 2:1).
• Do I enjoy singing? (Is. 51:3; Jer. 30:19).
• Is my thanksgiving contagious? (Paul’s gratitude caused “thanksgiving to overflow” 2 Co.4:15).


  1. zekesbabble says:

    My favorite holiday of the year! No ties to politics, war or sectarian divisions, simply a day to count ones blessing. When I concentrate on doing just that, I find that one day is not long enough.

  2. Timothy Mantei says:

    I am an admirer of Don Richman, too!

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