The methods used to abort life are in the womb are as brutal as Roman gladiators in the arena. One method is suction. A tool is inserted, the suction turned on, and the young life is sucked out. A second method is dilation and evacuation. The doctor reaches in with an instrument, grabs on, and pulls and twists. Out comes a leg. In again—pulling and twisting. Out comes an arm, then another arm, another leg. Finally, the head is crushed with another instrument. The pieces are laid on the table. The nurse assembles them to make sure the body parts are all there.

After the “procedure,” the woman leaves the clinic. She came in with a baby; she leaves without a baby. The baby has been massacred. Some mothers can handle that; others go crazy. Sixty to seventy per cent of women do not want an abortion. Husbands, boyfriends, friends, and fathers are often the jury that decides the fate of the unborn child. We call it euphemistically a termination of the pregnancy or a “cleaning,” a term used in Latvia. In truth, it is a killing. The baby’s heart was pumping one moment. After a horrendous invasion into the womb, the heart is silent. Another life has been taken.

A third method is injection with the RV486 chemical, which kills the baby. And a fourth method is the much-publicized partial birth. The baby is turned around and delivered in part feet first, all except the head. An instrument is inserted that sucks out the brain, after which the head is crushed. And the mother is sent on her way.

Some political leaders speak out for the rights of whales and Iraqis but seldom for the rights of the unborn. Many of the most prominent religious leaders are not defenders of the pre-born. The womb is not a safe place. I’d hate to start my life in the womb of a pro-choice woman, wondering what my destiny would be.

If we are devaluing life, what will our children do? What example are we giving to them? Will they go further than we have gone? Will they choose, like some societies have, to eliminate us when we get too old to be an advantage to them? When we are in the way, will they decide to take us out of the way, like we are doing with the unborn?

The mother of a pastor friend in Latvia had eleven abortions. He was one of the finest preachers in Latvia, but he could have easily been one of the aborted ones. Now he has a rich destiny in Christ. His name is Janis Bitans. The aborted ones don’t have a name here, nor a future. Janis is fortunate to be alive; most of his siblings are not.

A pastor friend, Don Richman, told the youth at a public high school in Latvia that they were special. The principal told us afterward that his comments made the students uncomfortable. They didn’t see any evidence of their being special. Almost 100% have father wounds from drinking dads. They didn’t feel special to their parents. They feel unwanted and without value. But at least they go on living. The epitome of devaluing life is exterminating it. That is what we do every day in America with thousands. Something needs to change in our value system. Please don’t vote for anyone who favors killing.

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