Can you imagine this monologue? “Why can’t I be protected by the law like those already born? What makes my situation so volatile? Time and development are the only differences between me and them. How can a mother decide to have me killed? Shouldn’t that be God’s decision? King David said I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t they agree? Fathers should be protectors of children. Why are so many wanting the unborn done away with? They don’t sound like real men to me. Please tell the doctors that I am more than a piece of tissue. I can hear the noise. I can feel the rumbling. I am growing. Why was I conceived if they didn’t want me? I’m afraid; it doesn’t seem fair.”

“Can’t the laws change to help people like me? Can’t someone do something about it, especially in America? Isn’t there someone out there who can defend us insiders? Wouldn’t my Mom feel badly after she did away with me? She would miss me, wouldn’t she? I thought only bad people like terrorists killed people recklessly. Why am I not wanted? What is wrong with me? What is wrong with my parents? I don’t feel safe in here. I wish I could be somewhere else. I wish I could be rescued. Pastors believe in the Bible. Couldn’t they do something? If I got to be born, I would be wanted, wouldn’t I? If I keep growing, will my parents like me then? Please, I want to keep on living. I don’t want to die. I want a future, a new home. I am scared. It doesn’t feel good to be unwanted.”

When people are devalued, they sometimes try to add value in externals ways, like with cars or fancy clothes. They have been made to feel cheap by being abused or shamed or thrown out by a parent or spouse or boss, so inside they say, “I have more value than that. I’ll prove it. I’ll wear more jewelry.” When Kobe Bryant devalued his wife by sleeping with another woman, he went out and bought her an expensive ring to say, “I value you.” She may have taken it as a compliment; in fact, it was an insult. You cannot put material value to love and faithfulness.

There can be no greater devaluing of life than by tossing it out. The Holocaust was a mass devaluing of life, exterminating millions as being unworthy of life. The silent holocaust is the one that takes place daily in the womb. The most dangerous place in America is not in the inner city; it is inside. Every third child conceived will be thrown away as unworthy of life. Can a woman do as she wishes with her body? Not if it is against the law. Say “prostitute.”

In early Roman days a child two days old was presented to the father. He had the single vote on whether to keep the child or send it away. If he rejected the infant, the mother would take the baby to the forest and leave it there. It was called pater protestus. What criminal injustice! We have the same course of action today for children in the womb. A mother can determine what is only God’s right, and a child is eliminated, a child with a destiny. Sure thankful Mary, with an unusual pregnancy, kept her Baby. Please don’t elect anyone who would vote for the murder of the unborn. (Part 2 in four days).

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