I am going on one.

Really? To come against them?

No, to invite them into the love of God.


Witches are open to the supernatural. That predisposes them to a life in God. Unfortunately, they were picked off by the powers of darkness. Witches sometimes attempt to deceive, saying that their power comes from God, which it doesn’t. But many believe that it does and are themselves deceived.


Some have a special love for people and were led into witchcraft to help people. They are likely broken, and their wounding opened them up to illegitimate power. (I said “some”).


So what if a witch moves in down the street? Boycott the place? No, bring cookies. Find out what kind of supernatural experiences she has had, then tell her some of yours. Ask her if she would be open to prayer. (Dear friend, it is not a fair fight. Light always wins. If you open a closet door, the light in the bedroom assaults the dark closet, rather than the reverse).


I met with a young man in the occult this week. He was kind, respectful, and humble. I told him that I feel the love of God and experience His pleasure. He said that he gets the same feeling from connecting with his gods that he calls immortals. He tried Christianity as a boy, and it didn’t work. He said that God created immortals for us to connect with him. So I asked, “If you could connect with God, would you?” He responded, “Yes.” He said he has worked with demons but does not enjoy them, because their energies are evil. He said he wanted to work for good through the occult: “Healing is what I want to do.”


That blessed me. I invited him to our house church, and he might come. When the late John Paul Jackson went to Salem a few years ago, he built bridges rather than burning them. And four hundred witches came to faith in Jesus. Witches are people, and some of them have not experienced authentic love, a far greater power than evil.


That’s the positive side. In the last half-century Satan has used movies and literature to present all forms of witchcraft and sorcery as harmless, fun, and entertaining. Think “Bewitched” and Harry Potter. Going to school to become a wizard and casting spells are promoted as a valid solution to problems at home. And young people raised on Saturday morning cartoons and discipled by J. K. Rowling have bought in by the truckloads. Over 400 million books sold make “Jo” the number one author of a book series ever. Not a good thing. The supernatural world of darkness is a terrible place to hang out, and we have power to bring them light.


If the person next to you on the plane was a witch, how would you respond? Here’s what I’d recommend: “Really. I have wanted to meet a witch. I would like to hear about your experiences, and I would like to tell you mine.” Find out how she influences people, then tell her how you do it, through love, affirmation, believing in people, and prophetic words. Tell her you have a way of hearing from God and would like to share it. If you are open to it and pray for it, God may make it happen.

One comment on “WITCH HUNT!

  1. Sherry Solmonson says:

    I was involved in occult practices for a time and was set free through prayer and deliverance. These are not games. We’re dealing with demons who love to be summoned as angels of light. Anyone sensitive to the supernatural, needs to be very careful not to fall into deception. That’s why I’m grateful for the body of Christ and His covering , keeping power.

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