We never heard the phrase a decade ago. It is a recent social phenomenon—and a fun one. Great idea to catch a crowd off guard at a big mall with a powerful rendition of the “Halleluiah Chorus.” People light up to the eye-catching adventure.


Flash mobs began really taking off in mid-2007. Last year they gained international notoriety during the Christmas season and now are thrilling crowds on a weekly basis.


Flash Mob America is a full-service flash mob production company with the sole purpose of creating joy through surprise. Their website announces, “We are The Flash Mob Experts.”


Negative. God’s the expert. He outdid everyone to honor His Son. Whether He emptied out heaven or not, we do not know. We do know that a multitude of the heavenly host (translate host “army”) showed up in the Bethlehem skies. One angel appearing at the Mall of America would get everyone’s attention. God likely sent thousands or more. Birth announcements are catching the flare of creativity like flash mobs have. God takes first in that category as well.


The joy of flash mobs is the surprise element. “Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying…” “Okay, we’re listening. You have our attention.” When one angel showed up, “they were filled with fear.” What would a sky full of them do?


Check out the top ten flash mobs on youtube. Then read about the greatest flash mob ever to announce a birth in Luke 2. It had the largest group of participants ever to join in a flash mob—and the least number of spectators. That is God for you.


The shepherds said, “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.” Wouldn’t you after those heavenly fireworks? The spectacular nature of the announcement stood in stark contrast to the actual scene of the birth. Unless they had been told about the sign, they would have missed it. That for this? There’s a disconnect somewhere. Yet the angel prepared them for the change in venue. They took it all in as humble shepherds could do, then left “and made known the saying which had been told them concerning the child.”


Flash mobs often bring praise to God where folks don’t expect it and where some would object if it came any other way. Hard to interrupt the Air Force band and say, “I object.” Notice that the first angel made the announcement about the baby. The flash mob showed up to do what they did best, to worship God: “…there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest…”


This flash mob not only changed their night—it changed their life. May it change ours as well. Whether God is captivating us with the dramatic or disguising His presence in the mundane, like out back of an overcrowded motel, we can do our part to both worship the Lord like the angels, then spread the news like the shepherds. He has come, He is here, and He is King! Blessed 2016!



One comment on “BEST FLASH MOB EVER

  1. Laura Hanson says:

    Amen! Could I share this on our church Facebook page? I would attribute it to you.

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