More and more prophetic types are saying that revival is imminent. 225 pastors recently met in the Twin Cities to talk and pray about revival. They said the meeting felt like they may be walking through the door.

Revival is God’s business. We don’t serve it up; we respond to a God who causes the wind to blow. And yet we take part in the dance. God brings unity and we maintain it (Eph. 4:3), God engineers revival, but we steward it. Here’s an outlook I would recommend we consider as we walk into the Big One that is upon us.

Knowing the history of revival tells us that it includes some important ingredients, like prayer, but the shape it takes depends upon how the wind is blowing. 2015 looks different from 1905, and even the Jesus revival of the 1970s. The internet could be used to great advantage in a viral culture. When people are healed of incurable diseases and 200,000 witness it instead of a hundred, we thank God for the internet!

What if…

  • As many people came to faith in Starbuck’s as at the altar? We have been transforming the marketplace into the ministry center the last two decades. In the ‘70s, we were still stuck at church. Some today may tarry at the altar; others at the coffee shop. Whatever works! Some would rather meet us on their turf than ours. Hey, that’s what the word “go” means.
  • What if no-names in every healthy church replaced the famous revivalist preacher? Bound to happen. We have enough churches ripe for revival that will spring into action. Having no-names share in leading the revival puts the right face before people—Jesus.
  • What if the revival was embraced by many churches, and revival turned into vival? Visitation becomes habitation, and God decides to stick around. The impact is long-term, because we move from a revival culture to a pastoral culture.
  • What if we were unable to pinpoint where it started? Then we would conclude it started in heaven. If it breaks out in many places simultaneously, we don’t have people flocking to a place but a church flocking to the people. Cool!
  • What if folks keep their hands off it, don’t try to own it but steward it as a move of God? Revivals are not affiliated with any denomination. Churches that know revival is a part of biblical and American history are more willing to embrace current revivals.
  • What if local churches had their own spin on the revival, each responding according to its own needs? Can a revival take on the flavor of the church receiving it? Hope so.
  • What if revival meetings were training sessions to take it to them? Few will come to us. (We’re doing it at our house, starting June 1st ).

Important ingredients:

  1. Extraordinary prayer. Down through history, prayer has been the single most important catalyst for revival. Pray for humility, discernment, unity and for multitudes swept into the kingdom. Join with others!
  2. Multi-generations. Malachi 4:5,6 waits to be fulfilled. An un-fathered generation stands under a curse. This revival will include a Father blessing from heaven and physical fathers renewed to put children above career.
  3. Five-fold ministry. We didn’t know a couple decades ago that the pastoral could be encouraged by the apostolic and the prophetic strengthening the evangelistic.
  4. Wider participation, including Catholics and Orthodox.

3 comments on “WHAT MIGHT A REVIVAL IN 2015 LOOK LIKE?

  1. donmiles3710 says:

    After about ten years of feeling that Western civilization was toast and had reached the tipping point of no return, I’ve recently felt in my spirit that I was to start praying for another season of revival, at least for America. This analysis and exhortation has stirred my heart and at the very least confirmed my need to pray more for revival and to be less fatalistic about the Western world’s apostasy.

  2. Drex Morton says:

    Right on, Paul…Glad to know people are meeting in MN in response to God’s Stirring. Just know that there is a pastor in SE MI who has discerned this, too, for months apart from anything but just a Nudge from God, and now is the time…Keep me posted as you meet June 1 and following… I’m going to re-post your epistle to our Congregation in Bridgewater, where we are “a bridge to living water…” Blessings, Drex

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